Summer Camp Single

by D.T. Buffkin

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Sometimes you go to a small beach town for a bit and hang out and drink and drug and fall in love. Then your heart breaks. This is about that. And American flag bikinis.


released April 16, 2016



all rights reserved


D.T. Buffkin San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: He Musta Sang a Song So Sweet
He musta sang a song so sweet, could make the undertaker weep
Could bring the stillest heart to beat, or to cheat, cheat on me
He must sang a song so sweet

With words as smooth as glass
He could tempt the stars to fall
He could tease the green from the grass
He could talk my picture off the wall
But whatever lies he tells
And whatever truth he bends
You know the devil only builds his hell
To drag the angels in


Now the moon can't hold its glow
The sun is ashes in the sky
The roses have no reason to grow
This season's love blossoms have died
But I ain't gonna wait around
To see the kind of fool you'll become
I may be crying now but soon you'll be the crying one


Track Name: Summer Lovers
What becomes of summer lover lovers
When the fall comes rolling in?
Endless days of endless wonder
Sail away on golden winds
What becomes of summer romance
When the nights are long and cool?
What becomes of summer lovers
What's become of me and you?

In a bar in Port Aransas
I sat and looked towards the sea
I combed the waves for any answers
You will never return to me
I beat my fists upon the cold sand
Where we once lay so in love
I drown the waves in a fool's tears
The moon just laughs from up above


Maybe in another lifetime
You'd never go back to him
Maybe with a different lifeline
We wouldn't drown, we could swim
I cry your name unto the heavens
But the gods must all be deaf
Perhaps they once were summer lovers
And now they have no loving left